Social Media Breakfast Returns to Kerbey 183

Next Thursday morning Austin’s Social Media Breakfast will be hosted, once again, at Kerbey Lane on 183. Social Media Breakfast is a national organization with chapters in various cities. The goal of the organization is to give social media professionals and enthusiasts a venue to interact in real life with their fellow social media users. For this month’s meeting we are pleased to be providing both the breakfast and the social media for the event. September 6th’s gathering will feature a panel of speakers who are social media professionals here in Austin.
The panel includes:

The event kicks off at 7:30am at Kerbey Northwest. If you’d like to attend all you have to do is sign-up on the Eventbrite page. There is free Wi-Fi at the event so feel free to bring your iPad, Laptop, Smartphone and share the event globally while eating Migas locally alongside your fellow social media-ites. We hope to see you there Thursday, September 6th.
One last note about breakfast, it’s easiest for our servers for people to pay with Credit Cards or exact change. Giving 20 people change for a $20 is not ideal. However, they will obviously give people change for $20 bills as well. See y’all there!

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