S’mores Pancakes

Week two of our unified pancake message reveals S’mores pancakes. Several of our locations have created their own interpretation of the S’mores cake so don’t think just because you have had them in the past that they will be the same as they are now. We have honed the recipe to something we feel is a great interpretation of that campfire treat.
Like with most of our featured pancakes, the S’mores cake starts with our classic buttermilk batter. We add a heavy dose of graham and cocoa powder and blend it all up until it’s consistent. Then to achieve maximum chocolate flavor we add chocolate chips to the batter. That chocolate-graham pancake is the base of the S’more, once it comes off the griddle we add chocolate syrup and a marshmallow topping.
We know many of you are going to think that this pancake sounds like dessert, which is exactly why we suggest sharing one after your meal. Of course, we won’t judge if you want a S’mores pancake for breakfast, that IS our intent.
You’ll find this pancake at all five stores until next Tuesday evening. So, if you’re reading this from Houston and want to make a road-trip we’ll have S’mores pancakes this weekend. Enjoy!


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