Social Madness and Iconic Austin Businesses

You may or may not recall that last year we entered the Social Madness competition put on by the Austin Business Journal. We didn’t win last year but we didn’t get our butts kicked completely either. Well, we’re giving it another shot this year and voting has already begun.
The premise of the contest is, Austin businesses use the influence of their social media to get their fans to vote for them. The businesses are separated in the competition based on the number of people they employee. Since, we have five locations, a commissary and an office we have enough employees to compete in the largest group. There are 19 companies altogether but less than half (8) will move on to the next round. If we intend to make it to the next round of the competition we have 10 days to increase our votes significantly.
In the current standings we have received less than 1,000 votes while the competition leader has over 10,000 votes. We’re not going to lie, things aren’t looking too good for Kerbey Lane Cafe in the #SocialMadness competition but that doesn’t mean we’ve thrown in the towel yet. What we need from you, our loyal Kerbey fans, is your social support. Head over to the voting page and tell your friends to do the same. We’ll be posting about this quite a bit between now and June 17th so if you see us post about it on Facebook please re-share the post. Same goes for Twitter.
Vote for Kerbey Lane Cafe to win #SocialMadness!
Speaking of the Austin Business Journal, earlier in the week they posted a piece naming 10 Iconic Austin Businesses and we made the list! You can read the full story and see the slideshow highlighting all of the 10 businesses here.

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