South by Southwest

Like much of our city, we here at Kerbey Lane Cafe are gearing up for the South by Southwest conference. By this time next week the festival will have already started. The Film and Interactive portions of the conference begin next Friday, March 7th. If you live here in Austin, you know this means we’ll have extra people, extra traffic and extra fun things to do with our spare time. If you’re reading this from outside of Austin, welcome!  
Whether you’re a Kerbey regular or you’re planning to visit us for the first time rest-assured we are planning to have extra customers. That means we have scheduled extra staff, we have ordered extra food and we even made up extra T-Shirts, which will be on sale! Next week we’ll write up a little guide to Kerbey newcomers to give you the lowdown on what we’re known for and some things you should try while you’re here.
We certainly hope that with SXSW starting so soon, that means we won’t have to deal with anymore near-freezing temperatures. We love cozy weather but tomorrow is March so let’s get back to sunshine and warmth already!
If you’re planning to come in and see us this weekend we are featuring Beignet pancakes. This particular pancake was inspired by one of New Orleans’ most famous pastries. Our twist on the classic starts with our standard Buttermilk batter. Before we drop the batter on the griddle, we put some Smart Balance on the hot surface. That way the pancake gets a crisp finish just like the pastry. Once the pancake is cooked through, we top it with a sweet espresso glaze. Finally to give it that classic Beignet look, we heavily douse the pancake with powdered sugar. There you have it, the Beignet Pancake from Kerbey Lane Cafe.
For our vegan customers, this weekend we are featuring our classic vanilla vegan pancake. You can enjoy it as-is or you can dress it up. We have lots of options available for dressing up your vegan pancakes and they may vary from store to store so you should ask your server when you order. We also have Vegan Chili if you’re not in a breakfast mode.

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