Spotlight: Our Northwest Makeover

Bright…fresh…uplifting – these are just some of the words servers and diners have used to describe the new (and dare I say delicious) look of Kerbey Lane Cafe’s Northwest location. Established in 1988 and reestablished in 2008, Kerbey Lane Cafe’s Northwest location is the middle child: third in the KLC birth order. And so, in 2015, this middle child got some well-deserved attention, and a beautiful new look.

The two things you will notice upon entering our Northwest location are color and light! Here’s the deal: after being welcomed by an entryway of robin egg blue, stroll through the outer dining rooms to feast your eyes on bright white walls accented with clementine orange, lime green, and canary yellow molding. Note: KLC’s Northwest location is not just a feast for the eyes. While you’re here, be sure to treat your stomach to a classic Kerbey dish, or enjoy a seasonal treat from our Pumpkin Menu (to read more about The Great Pumpkin Menu in all its glory, click here).

KerbeyLane-11  KerbeyLane-17


The Kerbey Lane Cafe Northwest location isn’t just about color – it’s also about light. What makes the new paint job so special is its coupling with floor-to-ceiling windows on almost every. single. wall. Kerbey Lane Cafe is committed to providing guests high quality, thoughtful food and a unique dining experience. And from what we’ve seen around town, sometimes a cheerful, well-lit place to dine is hard to come by. Looks like our middle child is here to save the day!

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what others had to say about the Northwest makeover –

Michael, manger of our Northwest location, calls the new look “fresh.”

Chloe, host (and soon-to-be server), thinks it’s “bright.”

Long-time diners Hector and Mindy (pictured below) said they, “immediately noticed the new color and art” which feels “refreshing and uplifting…like the ocean.”


Still not convinced? Check it out for yourself. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are waiting for you 24/7 at 13435 Hwy 183 N Ste 415 Austin, TX 78750.

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