Spotlight: Pork Milanese

The week started warm and ended cold but we’ve got some great new entrees to keep you warm. That’s right, we’ve been talking about it for the last few weeks but our new menu has officially arrived. There are lots of great, new dishes for you to try but this week we want to focus on the Pork Milanese.
You may have had Pork Milanese before but you’ve never had it like this. Chef Joel has given this classic dish an Austin twist. We start with all-natural pork loin cutlet, which we batter and fry to order. We top that pork with a scratch-made, creamy-mole gravy garnished with sesame seeds. The plate is shared by a cheese enchilada topped with our brand-new Suiza Sauce and refried-black beans. This dish may have started in Milan but we’ve given it some Austin Tex-Mex flare. Add a House salad or a cup of soup for $2.50.
While we’re talking about dinner, many of you have asked us what’s going on with Kerbey on Thanksgiving. Well, first of all we are keeping our doors unlocked. Secondly, if you’re looking for a traditional Thanksgiving plate, we are offering a tradition Turkey plate with all the trimmings. Customers may choose to order the Thanksgiving plate starting at 11am on Thursday. There is a limited supply of the Turkey plate and each Kerbey Lane Cafe location will run out of these items at different rates. We will be serving our full 24hr menu alongside the Thanksgiving plate on Thursday as well.
If you’re planning to come see us this weekend be sure to look over the menu and explore some of our new offerings. If you’ve got pancakes in mind, we’ll have Cinnamon Roll pancakes at all five Kerbey Lane Cafe locations from now until Tuesday, November 26th. Our Vegan pancake now through Tuesday is Vegan Vanilla. The Vegan Vanilla Pancake is a plain vegan pancake but you can add fruit if you wish, just ask your server what’s available. We hope y’all have a great weekend, stay warm out there Austin!

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