Spring Menu Spotlight: Grilled Cheese Panini

On a scale of 1-10 Grilled Cheese earns an 11 on the comfort foods scale, which is why each season we offer you comfort with a twist. Since there are only a few more weeks to try things from our Spring Menu, we wanted to highlight one of the most comforting items from the menu this week.
The cheese in our Grilled Cheese Panini Asadero cheese from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop. Asadero is a cheese with the sharpness of a Monterey Jack and the stringiness of a Mozzarella, with Mexican origins. We add chopped green chilis to the cheese, put it between bread from New World Bakery and place that in our Panini press until it becomes crispy on the outside and melty on the inside. We serve this wonderful Grilled Cheese Panini with our house-made Tomato Fennel Soup on the side, perfect for dipping. However, if you’re not a soup fan feel free to choose any other sandwich side.
We’ve noticed that our staff and customers like to add things to the Grilled Cheese Panini, which is completely your prerogative. Some of the most popular items to add inside this grilled cheese include: tomato, bacon, avocado, spinach, or jalapenos. Feel free to add any or all of these things to really class-up your sandwich. Enjoy!
Grilled Cheese Panini

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