Spring Menu Spotlight: Smoked Salmon Benedict

Smoked Salmon Bennedict
Starting last fall, we’ve been experimenting with seasonal variations on Eggs Benedict. It all started with Squash Cakes Benedict, last season we featured Crab Cakes Benedict, this season we’re doing Smoked Salmon Benedict.
The Smoked Salmon Benedict is sort of a cross between traditional Eggs Benedict and a Bagel with Lox. We take a toasted English Muffin and top it with freshly sliced tomato. Then we add eggs poached soft so they’re nice and runny. Seems pretty normal so far right? Well here’s the part where we incorporate the Lox Bagel. We top those poached eggs with Smoked Salmon then cover it all in a classic hollandaise sauce. Finally, we garnish it with freshly sliced purple onions and capers.
Our staff likes to make the Benedict a Florentine by adding Spinach or you can give it a Texas twist with Fresh Jalapenos or Avocado! You also get to choose one side item from our breakfast menu, which could be a Lemon Poppyseed pancake if you wish.
Happy eating Austin!

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