Spring Menu Spotlight: Spinach and Strawberry Salad

So far, our Spring Menu Spotlight has featured mostly full-meal items. Well today we figured we’d change things up a bit and focus on something from the Appetizer section of the Spring Menu. Chef Joel has concocted one of the most beautiful salads we have ever served at Kerbey Lane Cafe and it’s the perfect appetizer regardless of what you’re eating as your meal.
You probably surmised from the name of the salad that it features fresh Spinach as opposed to our standard mixed greens. On top of that bed of Spinach you’ll find bleu cheese crumbles, toasted almonds, red bell peppers, cucumber and tomato. We top it off with freshly sliced Strawberries and serve our house-made balsamic vinaigrette on the side. Trust us when we say this salad tastes as good as it looks. Enjoy!
Spinach Strawberry Salad

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