Spring Menu Spotlight: Steak Vermicelli Bowl

This week we’re highlighting a delectable entree from our seasonal menu. It’s out Asian-inspired Steak Vermicelli Bowl. Strictly speaking, it is not a true Vermicelli bowl because we don’t use the traditional vermicelli noodle in our version. Also, it has a bit of a Texas twist but it is delicious nonetheless.
So what exactly is it you may ask, well here’s the lowdown. Our Steak Vermicelli Bowl is made with thinly sliced flank steak, rice noodles, snap peas, onions, carrots, fresh jalapeƱos, cilantro and basil in a rich beef broth. For those of you who eat Gluten-Free you MAY be tempted by this dish but it is not Gluten-Free. The beef broth is made with soy sauce. If you’re ok with gluten, enjoy!
Steak Vermicelli Bowl

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