Spring Menu Spotlight: Veggie Chile Relleno

Today’s spotlight highlights one of our most popular vegetarian items from the spring menu, the Veggie Chile Relleno. You’ll find this item listed in the entree section, it’s another classic dish with a Kerbey twist. We take a New Mexico chile stuff it with our house-made veggie chorizo and Asadero cheese from Antonelli’s. Top it with your choice of chipotle, ranchero, verde or sour cream sauce. Then we put spicy cole slaw and black beans on the side.┬áIt may SOUND spicy but if you can’t take the heat don’t worry it’s not as hot as it sounds. New Mexico chiles are similar to Poblano peppers in the sense that they taste like a pepper but they don’t have the heat. Also, your choice of sauce determines how hot this dish is. If you want it spicy go for the Chipotle, if you’re looking for something more mild try the Ranchero or Sour Cream salsas. Enjoy!
Chile Relleno

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