Staff Favorite Foods

Original Kerbey Lane BarWe hear a lot of new customers and even some of our regulars asking our staff what’s their favorite thing to eat. We work with the food everyday and lots of times we eat at Kerbey several times a day. You can even find our employees eating our food on their days off. So, how do they choose food from the same menu so often without getting sick of it? Well, there are a few answers to that question.
First of all, as you know our menu is quite extensive so sometimes it’s just a question of ordering from different sections. Another way in which our staff diversifies is to order from our seasonal menu. Tim at Kerbey Lane on S. Lamar ate our Summer Chicken for 45 days straight without tiring of it. He still talks about how much he misses it. With our new Spring Menu coming out next Wednesday evening a lot of Kerbey employees are eating their last pumpkin pancakes of the season. Also, we know that the Boar and Bison Frito Pie has been a staff favorite. However, the most popular items from the Winter menu with our staff are the Pear & Bacon, as well as the Chicken Pesto Paninis.
Now, the real trick to not getting tired of the food from a restaurant where you work is a little secret in the business we call modifications. To get really serious with the modifications takes a bit of exploring with the menu and it will probably cost you a little extra cash but we’ll let you in on a few secrets to creating your own custom meal at Kerbey Lane Cafe.
One of the simplest and most popular modifications is something that our vegetarian staff members appreciate, which is to replace meat with soy sausage or veggie chorizo. For instance, if you like to eat Vegan, order the Bison enchiladas, with Veggie Chorizo instead of Bison, eliminate the mixed cheese and choose Vegan queso as your sauce. This meal is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and absolutely delicious.
On the opposite end of the spectrum you can choose to substitute Fajita Beef for any of the meats. One order that’s very popular with our employees is to order the Chicken Quesadilla and replaces the Smoked Chicken with Fajita Beef. Don’t stop there, add some jalapenos, mushrooms, or pico de gallo inside! Just like that, you’ve order Steak Quesadillas at Kerbey Lane. Ask for a side of queso with that order and you’ll look like a real pro.
You may already know that our hummus is made in house and it’s pretty amazing as an appetizer but have you tried it as a condiment? If you already like our Grilled Chicken sandwich try ordering it with hummus inside. You could even take it a step further and replace the lettuce on that sandwich with spinach, choose feta as the cheese and you’ve practically ordered our Greek Chicken entree as a sandwich!
Generally speaking, you can modify anything on our menu to suit your needs. The exceptions are the Seasonal Menu, which can not be modified in any form or fashion. Also, the substitutions have to be comparable. In other words, we can’t substitute a side of toast for your tortillas with the Migas. Nor can we substitute your breakfast side for an extra egg or vice versa. In fact, the only substitutions for eggs are eggwhites or the tofu scramble. So, if you want a breakfast platter, “except instead of eggs…” you don’t really want the breakfast platter. Also, think about how things are priced at the grocery store. Avocado is pricier than tomato, so don’t be surprised if that substitution will cost you a little extra.
So, there you have it; a glance behind the curtains of the restaurant industry. Next time you come to see us, just tell your server where you want to start and what sorts of cool substitutions could be made. We mentioned this in a previous post but we can even do cool things to switch up the pancakes. Have you had the Blueberry pancakes with Almonds added? It COULD change your life.

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