Summer Menu Spotlight: Banana Bread French Toast

Alright, we know it’s after Labor Day, all of our white pants are on hiatus but let’s face it, this is Texas and Summer is far from over. It was over 100 degrees again today and we’re still getting BEAUTIFUL tomatoes from our friends at Engel Farms. We know many of you are anticipating the return of Pumpkin pancakes and we can assure they’ll be back at the end of the month but as of today you have about 20 more days to enjoy our Summer Menu.
It is with that in mind that we bring you this week’s summer spotlight item, Banana Bread French Toast. Late last year we entrusted our desserts to The Cake Plate. They are a fellow Austin company and we have worked closely with them to develop recipes, which suit the needs and desires of our clients. We have been very happy with the partnership so when they brought us their banana bread we knew just what to do with it. You can order it on its own and eat warmed banana bread in the traditional manner OR you can have our Banana Bread French Toast
The Banana Bread French Toast starts as two big chunks of banana bread from The Cake Plate, which we cut into thick slices. Then, it gets our classic french toast cinnamon-egg batter. We throw it on the griddle until it’s nice and hot. Once it’s on the plate we douse it, liberally, with powdered sugar then add freshly cut strawberries. It’s served with you choice of breakfast side (pictured below with a side of fruit.)
It’s delicious and you only have until the end of the month to try it. Enjoy!
Banana Bread French Toast

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