Summer Menu Spotlight: Jalapeño Bleu Cheese Bison Burger

If you’re looking for a summer-y twist on a classic cheeseburger then we have exactly what you’re looking for. This week’s Summer Menu Spotlight features our Jalapeño Bleu Cheese Bison Burger. The base of this burger is all-natural, hormone-free Bison. Bison is high in iron, lower in fat and cholesterol and downright delicious! We mix jalapeños in with the meat to give it some extra flavor and kick but don’t worry we take most of the seeds out of the jalapeños so it won’t burn your mouth.
You choose to have your burger on either a Bistro or Multigrain bun and tell us what temperature you’d like your bison to be cooked, then we top the bison patty with a wonderful bleu cheese crumble, cajun hot sauce, lettuce, tomato and caramelized red onion. The result is a big, juicy burger that’s bursting with flavor. You choose your favorite sandwich side to complete the meal. We know it’s not very summer-y but the loaded mashed potatoes are the perfect compliment. Enjoy!

Bison Jalapeno Bleu Cheeseburger

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