Summer Menu Spotlight: Squash Benedict

Kerbey’s twists on the classic Eggs Benedict have been very popular with both our staff and our customers. With the summer menu, we see a return to the first seasonal Benedict. Squash Benedict is crispy squash pancakes topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. We garnish the dish with some gorgeous, sauteed cherry tomatoes from Engel Farms and then you choose a breakfast item to accompany this delectable dish.
We find our staff always likes to add and subtract things to dishes, this one is great with bacon or sliced ham inside. We’ve also seen a lot of people make it a squash florentine by adding spinach. The question our servers receive the most about this dish is about the squash cakes. Basically, the squash cakes are similar to a corn came or a potato pancake, they are savory not sweet and they are great for picking up the runny yolk from the poached eggs. Enjoy!

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