Summer Menu Spotlight: Steak Arepas

Do any of y’all remember the Kerbeylicious Sampler? It was an appetizer we served many moons ago that wasn’t very popular so we stopped serving it. Well, today we’re spotlighting a much more popular twist on that concept. Like with most things on our seasonal menus, we started with a traditional concept and then gave it a Kerbey twist. Arepas is a traditional dish throughout Central and South America. It has many variations in the many countries in which it is served. The thing that ties all of them together is an unleavened patty of bread made with cornmeal and flour.
The base of our Steak Arepas is a squash fritter, which is still made with cornmeal and flour the twist is the presence of squash. We top that fritter with grilled skirt steak, avocado, pico de gallo and finish it all of with, our much beloved, chipotle aioli. The meal is made complete with a side of black beans, topped with sour cream sauce and mixed cheese. You can eat the Steak Arepas as a meal or share it with a friend as an appetizer. We can even make it vegetarian with Portobello mushroom in leu of steak. Enjoy!


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