Summer Menu Spotlight: Summer Chicken Pasta

Last year’s Summer Chicken was incredibly popular with our staff and this year we gave it a twist. When the Summer Chicken Pasta was revealed at the seasonal menu meeting on South Lamar the employees, literally, clapped and cheered. Chef Joel’s amazing creamy tomato with roasted red bell pepper sauce is the highlight of this dish. It tastes so fresh and vibrant especially when matched with the freshly sauteed cherry tomatoes, onions and summer squash. All of those wonderful fresh veggies and sauce are tossed with fettucini then we top it with a pan-fried, panko-breaded chicken breast and fresh parmesan cheese.
We know that pasta doesn’t, necessarily, say summer but trust us when we tell you these flavors are bright, fresh and supremely summery. You should probably come on in and try it before our staff eats it all!

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