Summer Menu Spotlight: Tacos Al Pastor

This weeks’ summer menu spotlight shines on our Tacos Al Pastor. One of the most beloved and traditional street tacos of Mexico, Tacos Al Pastor are traditionally made from meat shaved from a spit or vertical rotisserie. We’re definitely NOT doing it like that, while it seems delicious it’s also a bit out or comfort zone so we’re doing what we always do, a twist on tradition.
Our Tacos Al Pastor starts as a thick pork chop marinated in ancho, pasilla and chipotle peppers. We add lime juice, orange juice and Coke then we add our own blend of traditional seasoning. The pork marinated for at least 24 hours before it is served. When the dish is ordered, our cooks, thinly sliced the chop and sauté it with pineapple until it’s crispy. We top it all off with fresh cilantro and onions and serve the tacos with a small side of our verde salsa.
You choose whether you’d like your tacos on flour, whole wheat or corn tortillas. You’ll get two tacos on the plate and either rice and black beans, a house salad or a caesar salad. Enjoy!

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