Summer Menu Spotlight: Tomato Pie

In terms of popular items from our seasonal menus, there is nothing that can touch our Tomato Pie. Usually starting in April we receive phone calls from its loyal fans asking if it is available. It is so popular, in fact, that we have started printing a note about its limited quantities in the Summer Menu.
The Tomato Pie has evolved over the years but at its heart it is the same delicious, Mediterranean-influenced dish it always was. Back when we first started making it, we created it as a traditional, full-size pie but a few years ago we started making it in individual portions. The other major difference is where it is made. Traditionally the large pies were made in our commissary and then sent to each store. Today, each store makes their own individual pies. However, the pie’s filling is still made in our commissary and delivered to each store each day. Baking the pies on site has made the pies fresher and has also reduced how often they run out.
For those of you who have never had it, Tomato Pie is a savory pie served with either a house or caesar salad on the side. It is a delicious blend of fresh roasted tomatoes, green onions, fresh basil and garlic all baked together in an individual pie crust and topped with kalamata olives and feta cheese. The pies are made fresh daily but they also run out nightly so be sure to let your server know as soon as you sit down if you have your heart set on having it. It’s not summer until you’ve had Kerbey Lane’s Tomato Pie. Enjoy!

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