Summer Menu Spotlight: Watermelon and Cherry Tomato Gazpacho

Calling all Vegans! Calling all Vegans! We have an amazing summer soup for you and its time is running out. When Chef Joel revealed the Watermelon & Cherry Tomato Gazpacho at Kerbey S. Lamar’s seasonal menu meeting, Vegan-Zack squeeled with glee. This is no ordinary soup folks, this is a summery twist on that classic, Spanish, soup served cold, Gazpacho.
The thing that makes our Gazpacho so refreshing and unique is the fresh Watermelon. It’s a chunky soup with Cherry Tomatoes from Engell Farms, big chunks of Watermelon, diced cucumber, onion and golden bell pepper. In other words, all of our favorite summer vegetables, with some lemon to brighten it up and basic seasoning. If you haven’t had it yet, you better come in soon the sun is setting on the summer menu in just over a week. Enjoy!


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