Summer’s in Full Swing

This week in Kerbey was the first truly hot week of the year. We’ve been enjoying a mild Summer in Austin so far and compared to year’s passed, we still haven’t reached peak levels of discomfort. In fact, as of the writing of this post we still haven’t broken the 100 degree mark but we’ve come awfully close.
We’ve been beating the heat by hitting our favorite swimming holes. Have you been to Barton Springs Pool since they re-opened the South side? If you haven’t, then you need to make a point to visit this weekend. It’s the best $3 you’ll spend all year.
When we’re not out swimming and soaking up the rays, we’re thinking about our new home at Kerbey Westlake. Yesterday and today we met all kinds of new people in our new neighborhood. We set up a tent outside our 6th location in search of front-of-house employees and the response was excellent. After just four hiring events at the Village at Westlake> shopping center we have found a majority of the staff we’ll need for next month.
If you stop by our S. Lamar or Wm. Cannon locations, chances are you’ll see some of the folks who will work at our Westlake store. The newest members of our Kerbey family will be learning from our veterans. They’ll learn all the tricks of the trade from how to order Eggs Francisco vegan to what salad dressings are gluten-free. If your server has a shadow, try to throw them a curveball and see how they do.
If you weren’t planning to stop by this weekend, you might want to change your mind because Cinnamon Roll pancakes are in the house y’all! That’s right, the featured pancake that has the whole city talking is available 24 hours day until next Tuesday morning.
If you’re interested in vegan pancakes, this week’s featured flavor is Vegan Orange Spice. We also have a pancake premiere this week in the form of Gluten-Free Banana Cream Pancakes. Not only have we never served this gluten-free flavor, we’ve never served this flavor in any other form either.
No matter what you have planned for the next few days, we’d love to see you. Stop by and bring a smile, we’ll supply the pancakes.

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