SXSW 2013

The time is upon us. The SXSW Music, Film, Interactive, Game, EDU conference has begun and we’re so excited to serve so many new faces.
We wanted to reach out to all of our customers old and new and tell them welcome. Most of you already know this but we are a 24hr restaurant with 5 locations. Whether you’re staying downtown, or in Cedar Park there is a Kerbey Lane not too far from you. We offer a very eclectic menu with emphasis on local and natural products. We serve the same menu all day and all night so you can order Frito Pie, Pancakes, Sandwiches, Salads at any time you choose. Our waitstaff will not think you’re weird if you order a Cheeseburger and a Coke at six in the morning. We also won’t think you’re being picky if you prefer your salad be without onions.
If you’re using the Austin Convention Center as your home-base, our S. Lamar location is less than four miles away. We have free Wi-Fi and the S. Lamar store has many outlets for you to re-charge your electronics while you re-charge yourself.
We hope to see you soon!

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