SXSW FAQ: Pancakes
Breakfast Platter

The Breakfast Platter

If you’re only visiting Austin and you’ve never been to Kerbey Lane Cafe you should, definitely, order at least one pancake. We find that during SXSW we are often asked a few questions regarding our pancakes so, let’s clear those up right here and now.


  • How many pancakes are in a short stack?

If you just want pancakes on their own or maybe pancakes and bacon you can get one, two or three. A short stack is two, a full stack is three and a single is just what you’d expect.


  • How big are your pancakes?

We are known for having large pancakes. The typical pancake is roughly 8″-10″ in diameter. We often say they are, roughly, the size of a Frisbee or a plate.


  • What do the pancakes come with?

This is where things start to get tricky. We can serve you pancakes in MANY combinations. The most commonly ordered combination is the Breakfast Platter. The Breakfast Platter comes with two eggs (served any style), two half-size pancakes and your choice of either bacon, ham, sausage or fruit. You can also choose to get homefries or soy sausage in place of the bacon, ham, sausage or fruit.

We also offer pancakes as a side-item with anything listed below the Eggs & Omelettes headline on the back of our menu. So, if you order the Portabello Omelette you get to choose two side-items. You may order two pancakes as both of your sides OR you can choose one pancake and then choose a second, non-pancake side.


  • If I order more than one pancake can I get different flavors?

Absolutely! In fact, we highly encourage our guests to try more than one type of pancake. If you’re ordering the Breakfast Platter that is served with two pancakes so, you should try two different flavors. When you order a Full Stack you may have three different types of our Signature Homemade Pancakes.


  • What kinds of pancakes do you serve?

We pride ourselves on always serving a wide-array of pancakes. We always have: Buttermilk, Blueberry, Apple Whole Wheat and Gingerbread. We also offer a Vegan pancake, which can be different every day at every location. Relatively new to our pancake family are our Gluten-Free pancakes. We offer Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon as well as Gluten-Free Gingerbread at all times and at all locations. In addition to the varieties we’ve already mentioned we offer a pancake of the day, which is often different at each location and is made in small batches so, it changes quite often. Last, but certainly not least, we offer a seasonal pancake. During SXSW we will still be working with our Winter Seasonal menu, which features Pumpkin pancakes. Those of you still around a little later in March will get to eat our amazing Lemon Poppyseed pancakes from the Spring menu.


  • Do you have Chocolate Chip pancakes?

Yes and no. We have chocolate chips and we can add them to any variety of pancake. If you want a traditional Buttermilk with chocolate chip pancake we’d be happy to make that for you. However, you haven’t lived until you’ve had our Pumpkin pancakes with chocolate chips.

We can also add almonds and/or blueberries to any variety of pancake. So, feel free to make your own Pumpkin-chocolate-almond-blueberry pancake. Although, that might be one overwhelming pancake so it might be best to only add one or two of those items to each pancake.


  • Do you sell your pancake mix?

Yes. We sell Buttermilk, Apple Whole Wheat, Gingerbread, Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon, and Gluten-Free Gingerbread

pancake mixes in our stores. You can also find our mixes at a variety of other stores including: HEB, Central Market, Whole Foods, Randalls, Costco as well as online.

Once you have our mix, there are directions on the packaging for making pancakes, waffles, cookies and other treats. So, if you want to make some Gluten-Free waffles at home, we’ve got you covered.

There you have it., how to do Kerbey pancakes in a nutshell. We hope you’ve found this to be helpful and we look forward to seeing you!

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