The Destination Guide Video

Alright y’all, we just wanted to remind you about the video posted by The Destination Guide. We feel like it wasn’t made explicitly clear that there was a contest element to the video they posted. When the folks from The Destination Guide paid us a visit it was to feature us as part of their Best of Austin online guide. Obviously, we were (and still are) very flattered to be a part of that feature. However, the second part of the equation is where YOU come in. Whichever featured Austin destination receives the most views of their video will have a series of ads featured on The Travel Channel.
So far, Kerbey Lane is in second place, which is good but we’re in a distant second. We would love it if you could watch this video, and share it with your friends, family and co-workers. Put it on your Facebook wall, tweet about it, pin it to a Pinterest board, anything you can think of. We have made a short link that’s easy to share and remember: http://bit.ly/kerbeylane
Thank y’all so much for your continued support!

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