The Fall Menu Has Arrived

We have been teasing the Fall Menu here on our blog for the last two weeks and we’re happy to report that it is officially here!
That’s right Pumpkin Pancake fans, it is your favorite time of year. We’ve been serving them up for a couple of days now and they smell more delicious than ever. We haven’t changed the recipe but there is something about the smell of your first Pumpkin Pancake of the year.
Pancakes are just the beginning though. Chef Joel has created three really fantastic twists on Eggs Benedict for the Fall Menu.

The brisket and house-made BBQ sauce that we use in the Brisket Benedict is also available in entree form with our Smoked Brisket Sliders. You get two hearty sliders on the plate, served alongside our own creamy cole slaw and hand-cut French Fries. We present these sliders with the BBQ sauce on the side so you can add as much or as little as you like. We are also offering a Vegan Sloppy Joe so our vegan friends can get in on this BBQ sauce action.

Speaking of sandwiches, the one sandwich to rule them all in previous years has been the, much beloved, Pear & Bacon Grilled Cheese, which is back again. However, our new French Dip sandwich might de-throne the Pear & Bacon. It’s that good y’all!

If we could shift gears for a minute, we’d like to remind everyone that ACL Festival starts a week from today. That means that we’ll have more guests coming through our doors but that shouldn’t keep our regular guests from coming in too. We will have extra staff on all shifts for the next two weeks. Also, it’s a little-known fact that dinner shifts during ACL Fest are notoriously boring for servers. Most of our extra business happens before and after the bulk of the festival performances. If you arrive between 3pm and 9pm, chances are we won’t be extra busy, we’ll just be normal busy. :-)
If you’re planning to come in and see us this weekend, and we hope that you do, our featured pancake is Rocky Road. It’s a chocolate-almond pancake with a marshmallow topping. This weekend’s Vegan Pancake is PB&J. A vegan peanut butter pancake topped with Jelly. Don’t forget you mix your short stacks and full stacks at no extra cost, so you don’t have to choose EITHER Rocky Road OR Pumpkin for your Breakfast Platter, you can have both!

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