The Kerbey Commissary

On a very regular basis we, at Kerbey Lane are asked to open new locations in various places. We hear a lot of requests for Houston and Dallas especially and we wanted to acknowledge those requests and offer a bit of explanation. First of all, we are not opposed to expand our stores outside of Austin BUT it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds. We would have to decide if we were willing to franchise our name and virtually give control of our brand to people in another city or if we would own it ourselves; Chances are we would not want to franchise our baby.
One of the biggest factors involved an area of our business you may not even know about, the Kerbey Commissary. Our commissary is the heart of Kerbey Lane and it pumps our supplies to our five Austin locations. Each morning, Mitch arrives at the commissary in S. Austin at around 4:30am. He loads up all of the supplies for all of the stores in one of our refrigerated trucks and then he drives to each store to deliver them. He has to wake up extra early so he isn’t caught in traffic and so the stores have the fresh supplies they’ll need for the day.
We do those so, no matter which location you choose the food will be consistant. All of our dressings, enchilada sauces, soy sausage, hippie burger patties, tofu scramble, black beans and more are made in the commissary and brought to each location. The stores order these supplies from our commissary on a daily basis so that they remain fresh.
If we were to open locations outside of Austin we would need to open new commissaries in addition to the new stores and those would have to be quality checked on a very regular basis. We’re not saying that we will never open outside of Austin and we’re also not saying we will. We just wanted you to know that there’s more to it than just opening the restaurant itself. In the meantime, you CAN buy our wonderful Pancake Mixes at various grocery stores all over the great state of Texas!

  1. ChuckFriedman

    Expand in Austin ! One commissary controls the Quality !

  2. ChuckFriedman

    Keep your business and QUALITY in ONE COMMISSARY ……..in the AUSTIN AREA v!

  3. ChuckFriedman

    KEEP your business and Commissary in Austin…..One Commissary…GREAT QUALITY !