The Patio at 183 is Open

We wanted to lead with the most exciting piece of news for this week and that’s the reopening of our patio at Kerbey Lane on 183. As some of you may already know we basically created a bee xanadu. Everything we love about our food and outdoor seating is also what bees love about our food and outdoor seating. If there was a Yelp for bees, our 183 location would have 5 stars and a billion check-ins.
We tried every humane solution short of closing the patio but it was pretty apparent that the bees had won so we stopped serving food and the bees relented. However, we knew that as soon as the bees found out we were serving pancakes again they’d be back. So, we did the next most logical thing; we installed a system of screens.
For our human guests, the only way to access the patio is through the front door of the restaurant, beyond the bar area. For our canine guests, there will be very limited zipper access that leads directly from the outside onto the patio. We’re going to do our best to keep the patio completely screened in, we know that it will change the feel of the patio but it will feel better than getting stung by bees. At least, that’s our hope.
In other bee/patio news. The bees are still winning the battle at Kerbey Lane on Wm. Cannon but their battle hasn’t been as hard fought. If you are planning to bring your dog to eat at our Southwest location we recommend you call ahead (512-899-1500) to check on the availability of patio seating. As of this moment (Friday afternoon, September the 6th) the patio at Kerbey Southwest is closed. We’re very sorry for this inconvenience and we hope to have all of our seating fully available within the next week or so.
If you’re planning on coming in to see us this weekend, we’re featuring Caramel Apple and Vegan Orange Spice pancakes. Have a great weekend!

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