This Week in Kerbey

This week was an interesting one at Kerbey Lane Cafe. When you work in a 24hr restaurant you experience a lot of interesting things every week but this one was particularly noteworthy.
Today at our South Lamar location we were paid a visit by Pancake Bob. We didn’t know too much about Pancake Bob when we were first approached but apparently it’s a character in The Sims who wants to eat pancakes but he keeps getting interrupted when he tries to eat them. As people who ALSO love pancakes, we immediately identified with Bob’s struggles. So, when the folks from the company that created The Sims approached us and said that Pancake Bob wants to buy our customers pancakes, we said “Yes please!” He was only around for a few hours but it was fun to have Pancake Bob in the house.
Speaking of the house, today marks the one-week anniversary of our newest home! Have you had a chance to stop by our brand-new Kerbey Lane Cafe in West Lake Hills? We have felt so welcome in our new community and within a week we already have regulars. That may sound crazy but it’s true. We have already seen a few people more than 3 times in the last week and that makes us VERY happy. We even received a tweet from Kathy Valentine of The Go-Gos telling us she enjoyed her visit to our new store. How cool is that?
Kerbey Westlake stays open all weekend long and closes at 11pm during the week, just like the original Kerbey Lane Cafe on Kerbey Ln. It is located in the Village at Westlake shopping center near the intersection of 360 and 2244. We can see HEB from our front door, which is both comforting and handy.
You know what else we find comforting? Cinnamon Roll pancakes, that’s what! This week, to celebrate the opening of our newest location we are serving everyone’s favorite featured pancake available NOW at SIX Austin-Area locations. In addition to Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, we are also featuring Vegan Vanilla Pancakes and Gluten-Free Lemon Poppy Seed Pancakes.
We focus a lot on pancakes here at the Kerbey Enthusiast because that’s one of the main things we’re known for BUT Kerbey Lane is more than just pancakes. You probably already knew we have a great selection of Beer and Wine but did you know it’s only $3 a glass? That’s not a Happy Hour price, that’s just the price. Any draft beer, bottled beer or glass of wine is $3 at every Kerbey Lane Cafe location. Match Austin’s best queso with Austin’s best beer at Kerbey.
No matter what your weekend plans are, we’d love to be a part of them. Stop by anytime and say hello.

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