This Week in Kerbey

Fellow Kerbey enthusiasts, we have reason to be thankful today. As we write these humble words, the sky is blessing our glorious city with some much needed rain. We don’t expect it to last very long but as you know, every drop counts. We look forward to a day when we can provide our guests with a glass of water without them specifically requesting it. If you’ve ever wondered why we don’t bring you water the moment you sit down at Kerbey Lane, it’s because the drought in Austin is so severe that the city requires all restaurants to wait until water is specifically requested before it can be served. It’s a small step that makes a big difference when it comes to conserving water.
In non-weather news, we wanted to talk to y’all about our iced coffee for a minute. If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re already a fan of the coffee at Kerbey Lane. It’s fair-trade, organic coffee roasted right here in Austin just for us by our friends at Third Coast Coffee. That’s right, the only place you can get Kerbey Lane coffee is at Kerbey Lane. The majority of the coffee we sell is “Drip Coffee” served hot. “Drip Coffee” just refers to coffee, which is brewed in the standard way. However, we also offer espresso drinks and cold-brewed coffee. Each of these varieties comes from Third Coast Coffee but each method of brewing produces a different flavor. Espresso is made by forcing hot steam through finely ground beans and cold-brewed coffee is actually made by soaking the grounds for at least twelve hours.
Now that you’re an expert on the different methods of coffee we wanted to highlight a product that’s relatively new to us, which is available at most but not all Kerbey Lane Cafe locations. In the past, each Kerbey Lane Cafe location made their own cold-brewed coffee in-house. The process wasn’t difficult but there were enough variables to make the product inconsistent. Some people made it too strong, others made it too weak. We mentioned this to our friends at Third Coast Coffee and they suggested we try their Frios Mio. We were skeptical at first but after we tasted it, we were immediately sold.
Now at most Kerbey Lane Cafe location we offer Frios Mio on tap! We didn’t even know you could get cold coffee in a keg until we ordered it but now we’re never going back. We wanted to mention it to y’all because we feel like a lot of our customers haven’t tried our cold-brewed coffee and they really should.
Speaking of on tap, we hope y’all have been taking advantage of our $3 local drafts. There’s a perception that people show up to Kerbey AFTER they’ve had a few beers, which is true but you can also have a beer or two with us! We won’t judge if you want to wash down your Eggs Francisco with a frosty beer.
If you’re planning to pay us a visit this weekend, and we hope that you are, you can expect to find Rocky Road pancakes. It’s a buttermilk pancake with almonds and chocolate chips inside, topped with a marshmallow spread. This week’s featured vegan pancake is Vegan Cinnamon Peach and our featured gluten-free pancake is Gluten-Free Ginger Cinnamon Roll. It’s a Gluten-Free Gingerbread pancake with a Brown Sugar-Cinnamon Swirl, which we top with a Cinnamon Roll Glaze and Powdered Sugar.
Whatever you do this weekend, we’d love to see you. Stop by any of our six Austin-area locations, any time day or night!
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