This Week in Kerbey

This week has been pretty exciting. Monday was Veteran’s Day, which is always a very busy day for us. We thank those who served and continue to serve this great country and we love to serve soldiers and their families pancakes.
We’re also very pleased to report that our experiment with Vegan Vanilla pancakes was a great success. You may recall that we received some feedback indicating that our customers aren’t always interested in some of our more off-the-wall vegan pancake flavors. So, from now on the selection will rotate every other week between Vegan Vanilla and something more decadent. At the moment, we’re featuring Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, which you can expect to find at all five Kerbey Lane Cafe locations through early Tuesday (11/19/2013) morning.
We’ve also been preparing ourselves and our customers for the launch of a new 24hr menu. This change should take place in a couple of weeks but we had our first staff meeting about it on Tuesday. We’re still going to wait another week before we reveal everything this new menu entails but we are so psyched about all of the new entrees we’ll be offering! We know that you already think of us when you’re hankering for breakfast but we think once you taste some of our new entrees, you’ll be stopping by for dinner as well.
Speaking of dinner, or at least dinner-type items. We realized last week that we always mention our featured pancakes, which change weekly but we also have a rotating vegetable soup flavor. With our soups, we keep them for a month and right now we’re featuring Potato Poblano Soup. It is cream-based, so it’s vegetarian not vegan. It has the flavor of poblano peppers but it is not spicy. Like most of our sides and sauces, the Potato Poblano Soup is made in our South Austin commissary and brought fresh to each location on a daily basis.
On the pancake front, we already mentioned that we’ll be serving Vegan Pumpkin Cinnamon Roll Pancakes this weekend. If you still haven’t had any of our Cinnamon Roll pancakes, they seriously are as good as everyone says. Our featured non-Vegan pancake this weekend is Caramel Apple. Both the caramel and the apple are in the pancake better, these pancakes are served without any toppings. We hope to see y’all soon!

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