This Week in Kerbey

It’s a gray, rainy Friday in Austin and as a result we’re selling lots and lots of Broccoli with Cheese Soup. That’s the way it goes, the more it rains, the more soup we sell. You can also tell how cold it’s been by how much Hot Apple Cider we’re selling.
We’d also like to encourage everyone to check out our Southwestern Pot Roast as this Texas winter weather really sets in. The shorter the days get the more we want to hunker down with comfort food. In that same spirit, if you still haven’t tried Chef Joel’s Shephard’s Pie you should really put that on your agenda.
Can you believe that Christmas is less than two weeks away?!?! We still haven’t finished crossing all of the names off our Christmas list and we’re guessing you haven’t either. We’ve got a great idea for all of your Austin ex-patriot friends. Just head on over to Amazon and send some peace through pancakes with Kerbey Lane Pancake Mix. For those of you who live here in Austin, we have more varieties of mix available in our stores than are available online. You can also find our mixes at your local HEB, Whole Foods, Costco and many other fine retailers.
Speaking of pancake mix, this weekend our featured pancake is the Elvis Pancake. The Elvis is a bacon and banana pancake topped with a peanut butter glaze. We know it sounds weird to put bacon in a pancake but trust us when we tell you that the king was really on to something when he combined these flavors.
Our featured vegan pancake flavor this week is Vegan Raspberry-Lemon. It’s a vegan vanilla batter filled with raspberries and lemon zest, topped with a lemon-glaze. If you prefer a slightly less-sweet version of this pancake just let your server know that you prefer to have your pancakes without glaze.
We hope y’all have a great weekend and we’d love for you to come in and see us!

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