Travel Channel Visits Kerbey

KLC 3003 S. Lamar

We are so excited about, the one and only, Travel Channel paying us a visit tomorrow morning!  From 7am until 11am Thursday morning the Travel Channel‘s Destination Guides crew will be shooting footage at our 3003 S. Lamar location.
We’ll have extra staff tomorrow morning so, feel free to bring yourself, your family, your friends and strangers you see on the way in to join us for this exciting experience.  We want the true Kerbey experience so the more people, the better.  Picture a Sunday brunch crowd on a Thursday morning.  We can’t guarantee you’ll be included in the segment but we can guarantee you’ll have a first-hand, behind-the-scenes perspective on the shoot.
There is a contest element to this shoot as well so, we’ll need your help once the video posts to the Travel Channel‘s YouTube. We’ll alert you on our Facebook as well as our Twitter when our segment is posted and all we’ll need you to do is watch and share the video. Whichever business receives the most views of their video online will have commercial spots for their business on the Travel Channel.  Imagine seeing a commercial for Kerbey Lane Cafe on the Travel Channel?
How cool is all of this? Are you as excited about this Travel Channel visit as we are?

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