Unified Pancake Initiative: Phase II

Many of you may recall that last year we changed our approach to featured pancakes. Rather than have each location create their own at random intervals, we unified our pancake message. Now, we offer the same featured pancakes at all five locations for seven full days. This has been met with much enthusiasm and some of the new flavors we’ve introduced have reached an almost cult-like status (looking at you Cinnamon Roll pancakes).
In all of the excitement, with all of the new flavors and the change in how we roll them out, we’ve noticed that our Vegan friends have been feeling left out. As of right now, the Vegan pancakes are still done in the old-fashioned way. That means our original location could end up having Vegan Pumpkin pancakes for 8-10 weeks straight while our other stores are changing flavors every two to three days. We’re also at a point with the Vegan pancakes where the varieties we’re offering are all across the creativity board as well. Our 183 store has been getting really interesting with flavors like Peanut Butter and Jelly while our S. Lamar store might still be offering basic Blueberry.
Well we have good news and we have bad news for our Vegan friends. The good news is we’re working on some really interesting pancake flavors for you right now. The bad news is, most of them still need more research. It’s one thing to create a delicious Vegan batter in a small quantity but we have to think about making VERY large quantities and that’s where balancing things out can get tricky. However, we wanted to post this little note to let our Vegan friends know that we’re thinking of them. We recognize that y’all have been left out of the Unified Pancake Initiative and we’re working hard to correct that.
So, keep an eye out because in the not-too-distant future, we’re bringing you new flavors and we’re bringing you Pancake Unity!!! In the meantime, we’ll continue updating which stores are offering which flavors on our Facebook page and Twitter feeds, respectively.

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