Unified Pancake Initiative: Vegan Pancakes Edition

This weekend will be the last weekend in which our stores each have their own random Vegan pancake flavors. The next phase of the Unified Pancake Initiative (UPI) is here. It’s been about a year since we began the first phase of the Unified Pancake Initiative. Back in the halcyon days before 2012, each store had their own featured pancake that changed (or didn’t) in random intervals. Our customers didn’t know what they could expect until they arrived at the location and even then, sometimes the featured pancake would change between the time it was ordered and the time it was delivered. Well folks, those days are behind us. Now we have fancier featured pancakes and they stick around for a full week! We also have the same featured pancake at all five stores simultaneously!
Well the next phase of the Unified Pancake Initiative is to continue the trend with our Vegan pancake flavors. Starting this coming Tuesday, we’ll be offering more unique varieties of Vegan pancake and they’ll be featured for a full week just like our standard featured pancakes. Keep an eye on http://facebook.com/KerbeyLaneCafe for more info.
Also starting next week, Kids Eat Free every day for 12 days in a row. Yes, you read that correctly. Kids bring a parent to Kerbey and you get a free meal. Parents bring your kids in anytime from May 27th-June 7th, you buy a meal and we’ll buy your kid’s meal. Sounds like a good deal right? Well, we also do this deal every Tuesday all year long. See y’all soon!

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