Volunteer Day – Habitat for Humanity Home Repair

habitat_collage2Every year, Kerbey Lane Cafe partners with Austin Habitat for Humanity to host a volunteer day that benefits those who have a need for affordable housing and home repairs.

On February 18, twenty-one Kerbey Lane Cafe employees got together to make repairs to and paint a retiree’s home in need of a little TLC.

For nearly 35 years we’ve received so much love and support from the local Austin community, which has allowed our family-owned business to thrive and grow beyond what we had ever imagined possible. It is through our volunteer and fundraising efforts on behalf of various local charitable organizations that we say ‘thank you’ throughout the year.

The deserving homeowner, Brian Lovse, whose home we repaired was overwhelmed with gratitude for the 21 loving hands that went into making his home a better place to live, and we had a great time making that happen!

Watch the video below to see the great work of our volunteers and hear what they had to say about why they think it’s important to give back to their community.

Through their Home Repair program, Austin Habitat for Humanity works to revitalize neighborhoods, eliminate sub-standard housing, improve energy efficiency, and keep low-income homeowners in their houses.

62 percent of Austin Habitat for Humanity’s Home Repair clients are seniors whose annual incomes are most often fixed, and fall in the very low to extremely low range. Critical home repairs not only benefit those living in the home, they also benefit the neighborhood where they live, as well as our entire community.

The mission and vision of Austin Habitat for Humanity are anchored around their dedication to ending the cycle of poverty housing and the deeply held belief that everyone deserves a decent, affordable place to live. They reach out to neighborhood organizations to identify low-income, hardworking families whose homes are in need of repair, typically seniors, disabled, veterans, and single-parent families.

For more information, or to find out how you can donate and/or volunteer visit www.austinhabitat.org.

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