What’s New at Kerbey This Week

Well folks, this week is a historical week for the United Pancake Initiative (UPI). About a year and a half ago we started to roll out the UPI in an effort to help people plan their pancake experience. We started by replacing the phrase “Pancake of the Day” with “Featured Pancake”. At first, our main objective was to ensure that all five of our locations were serving the same featured pancake simultaneously. We created a pancake schedule for our stores and we began revealing our featured pancake online one week at a time.
In the beginning this only applied to our non-Vegan pancakes and our Vegan pancakes were still different at each location and changed at random. Not only that, the Vegan pancake flavors we were offering before the UPI were kind of boring. They were delicious but they weren’t as exciting as their non-Vegan counterparts. Our guests were disappointed. When the non-Vegan pancake is something like “Italian Cream Cake” and the Vegan flavor is “Blueberry” it kind of feels like you’re missing out. So, we hit the test kitchens and started whipping up some cool Vegan pancake flavors.
This week is historic for the UPI because we are changing our strategy for the featured Vegan pancake. After about a year of crazy Vegan pancake flavors, our guests began to say that they wanted a more basic Vegan option as well. Since we only offer one Vegan pancake flavor at a time we understand that if you’re a Vegan you may not be into “Vegan Peanut Butter and Jelly Pancakes”. We considered offering two varieties of Vegan pancake but logistically it just didn’t work out. For our larger, newer locations it wasn’t as big a deal to mix and store another variety of batter but for our smaller locations, areas to store more stuff are nil.
You may not realize this but Kerbey Lane Cafe has 9 varieties of pancake batter at any given point. If we added a second Vegan variety, that would bring that number up to 10. If you’ve ever dined in our original location you can understand how this might be a problem. So, we came up with the next best solution and added “Vegan Vanilla Pancakes” into the Vegan pancake schedule. From now on every other week we’ll rotate between a fancy Vegan pancake flavor and a plain Vegan pancake flavor.
Now through early Tuesday morning (11/12/2013), we are offering Vegan Vanilla pancakes. If you want to dress them up we do have a couple of things at each store that you can add into the pancake. Each location will vary slightly in what they have in their kitchens but you can always add Blueberries to any pancake and you really can’t go wrong with a Vegan Blueberry pancake.
We’re excited about this new development in the UPI and we’ll be interested to see how people respond. We know that the preference is to constantly have two varieties of Vegan pancake but since we can’t do that, we’re hoping this is a good solution. It’s crazy to think about now but we only started offering Vegan pancakes a few years ago. One of our former servers from Kerbey S. Lamar used to come in early and whip up her own recipe of Vegan Chai Pancakes to serve while she was working. They became so popular, and requested so frequently that we asked her to teach us her recipe and the whole thing was born there. Now, we can’t imagine not offering a Vegan pancake they’re so good!
Our non-Vegan featured pancake this week is Beignet. It’s a crisp Buttermilk pancake topped with an Espresso glaze and loaded with powdered sugar. We hope y’all have a great weekend and we look forward to seeing you!

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