Work at Kerbey Lane Cafe

If you’re reading this post, chances are you already know that Kerbey Lane is a great place to eat but did you also know it’s a great place to work? The majority of our employees have been with the company for 2 years or more, which is a decade in the restaurant industry. We also have people who have been with us for an ACTUAL decade or longer. Our employees are offered health insurance, vacation pay, 401k opportunities as well as many other benefits that you rarely see in the restaurant industry. More than 75% of our management and office staff started in our stores as servers, bussers, cooks, even parking lot attendants! That means that if you’re hired as a busser you could end up a general manager or office personnel some day.
Several of our servers at several of our locations have recently moved up the ladder, which means we are looking for a talented pool of newcomers to add to the Kerbey Lane familia. We work hard and we work 24 hours, our ideal candidates have experience in the restaurant industry and they’re not afraid of long or odd hours. We mostly need front of the house staff right now, specifically at our South Lamar, UT and Northwest locations but feel free to apply to any and all of our stores. If you have never worked in the business hosting is a great way to get your foot in the door and we always need friendly host staff.
The application process is simple. We use a paperless, online application system just head on over to http://kerbey.kompanee.com/employment/ and start your journey!

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