Yam Pancakes for Thanksgiving

This week our featured pancake has a Thanksgiving theme, no it’s not Turkey and you’re welcome for that. Our favorite sweet dish on the table at Thanksgiving was always the candied Yams. We’re not sure how you did them at your house but our Mom always put miniature Marshmallows on top and let’s face it, that’s the best part!
At this moment, all five Kerbey Lane locations are featuring Yam pancakes with a Marshmallow topping. Make sure you try them before you cover them in syrup because the Yam flavor is mild and with the Marshmallow topping you don’t even really need syrup. If you buy the Yam-cakes as a Short Stack, we recommend flipping the top pancake over to squish the Marshmallow topping between the two pancakes it really takes them to the next level.
Oh, and for those of you who were wondering yes these pancake will be available on Thanksgiving day and through the rest of the weekend. Enjoy!



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